Stock Icons

YOOtheme is a well-known template and extension provider who helps you to create professional websites. But to make your website or interface design a real eye-catcher we got one thing missing: Icons! Icons are an essential tool to simplify user interfaces. We complete this with our beautiful and handcrafted icon sets for web and print projects. We got commercial icon sets and free stuff. Enjoy browsing through all the icons at our new icons website!

Icon Club

You are looking for some high quality, royalty free, vector stock icons? Join the YOOtheme icon club! You will get full access to all our commercial icon sets which are currently available. Additionally you will also get access to all upcoming icon releases during the term of your membership. You can use our royalty free stock icons for as many clients or websites you wish.

Club Icon Sets

Club Icon Sets

All icon sets are available in the PNG file format and in 8 different standard sizes, ranging from 16x16 to 512x512 pixels. Each icon is handcrafted and optimized for each specific size. Vector PDF files of all icons are also available. They are compatible with Adobe Illustrator and can be rescaled to any size without a single loss to the details.


Free Icon Sets

The free icon sets are also available in 32-bit transparency PNG and scaleable vector PDF format. They are designed to match with all our commercial icon sets.

Social Bookmarks Icon Set

Social Bookmarks Icon Set

This free icon set contains 47 high quality social network icons. They are perfect for displaying your social bookmarks on your website or to link to external profiles and services.


Ready for Joomla 1.6

New Warp 5.5 framework

In 2010 we closely followed the development of the next major Joomla release: Joomla 1.6. After 15 betas and one Release Candidate the stable version Joomla 1.6.0 was released on the 11. January 2011. Joomla 1.6 introduces some anticipated features like better user access control management and nested categories for structuring your content. You can read on "What's new in Joomla 1.6" for a detailed list of all the changes and enhancements of Joomla 1.6. A lot of developers already started testing and evaluating Joomla 1.6 for their future website projects. Thats why we received a lot of tweets and emails from you guys, asking for Joomla 1.6 compatible templates. We hear you and this post is for everyone who is excited to run our templates with the new major version of the Joomla CMS!

Lets go back a few weeks... Our mission started in December with the announcement of the Joomla 1.6 RC1 and we began to work on the next major update of our Warp theme framework. It was important to us to ensure that all great template features you are using right now, are also available in our Joomla 1.6 templates. This includes features of the Warp 5.5 framework like style presets, dropdown & accordion menus, CSS/JS/Image compression and Javascript effects. Further we want to run all our templates native on version 1.6 and also support the new features that Joomla brings along.

Today we are glad to announce that we have a new Warp framework version for you which is Joomla 1.6 ready! We also took the time to port the latest Warp 5.5 templates, so you can start right away and try them with Joomla 1.6. All in all we are excited to present you 19 templates for Joomla 1.6 starting with "Phoenix" our June 2009 template until our latest January 2011 template called "Spark". Now its your turn to try them out!

Most work went into converting our overrides for Joomla 1.6 to make the core components HTML output look great with our templates. All component overrides are not final yet and we will update them in future template releases. Consider the template releases as beta and in case you experience any issues please let us know so we can fix them. Just get in touch by sending a tweet, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or leave a comment. We will also keep our eyes on the next 1.6 releases and apply template updates if needed.

Everyone who wants to try out our Joomla 1.6 templates today, just grab a copy of Joomla 1.6 and head over to our downloads. Enjoy!

Update: We received a lot of questions regarding the ZOO and YOOtools compatibility with Joomla 1.6. Here are the answers: Right now we are working on ZOO 2.4 which will be compatible with Joomla 1.6. The old YOOtools will not be converted for Joomla 1.6 but again we are working on something new for Joomla 1.6 :-)


Warp5 Framework

This template is based on the Warp5 framework. Warp5 is a fast and powerful template framework for Joomla that lets you create sophisticated Joomla templates in no time. It provides a hybrid fluid-pixel grid and all the elaborate functionalities that make our templates easy to edit, nice to look at and super fast, in every browser. Visit the Warp5 website and take a look at all the features...

Menu System

The menu system enhances Joomla's menu functions to create clearly arranged interfaces even for comprehensive sites. Learn more...

Module System

The module system provides a clear grid for Joomla modules and a wide diversity of templates for module variations. Learn more...

Design and Styles

We included a lot of different module and typography styles. So you can give your site a unique look and it will also ease your work when setting up your content.

Module Variations

This template comes with a wide variety of module stylings in many different shapes and colours. Take a look at all the different module variations.


This templates delivers you sophisticated typography and various stylings. Take a look at the style guide about all possible HTML tag styles.

Installation and Customization

New to YOOtheme? Don't worry! We provide a lot help to install and cutomize our tempaltes to get you started right away with your web project.

Installation Package

We provide a full Joomla installation package with the demo content of the website for this template. So you can take a look at how everything is set up in the Joomla backend.

Make sure you click "Install Sample Data" during the installation process.

Sliced Image Source Files

The editable fully sliced image source files of this template are available as download. With them you can completely customise your template's look to match your or your client's corporate identity.

Adobe Fireworks CS4 is required to edit the image source files.

Compatibility and Help

This template is fully compatible with all YOOtheme products like the YOOtools, the ZOO and the Teamlog extension. Learn more about how to install and set up a YOOtheme template and go to the Warp5 documentation.


Take the video tour on the ZOO! ZOO is a flexible and powerful content application builder to manage your content. It offers a lot of cool features like nested categories, content arrangement via drag 'n drop, a clean JavaScript powered user interface and a native comments and tagging system.


Apps for every Purpose

Apps are little extension for ZOO 2.0 which are optimized for different types of content catalogs like blogs, business directories and many more. ZOO 2.0 already has some basic apps on board to create websites and blogs. We developed an comprehensive app bundle to cover all kinds of purposes! All of them work out of the box and get you started right away! We will develop new apps in the near future for ZOO! Our range of apps will constantly grow.


Content Builder

One of the ZOO's key features is the ability to create your very own custom content types. For each type you create you can select the elements the type should consist of, like text, images or a file download. Any combination is imaginable! You can also add and remove elements from a custom type at any time, even if you already created items of that type. The elements are completely pluggable and can easily be added to your custom app.